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Mehndi Night Specialist plus quality entertainment for wedding receptions, Gujarati sanjee/sangeet nights, engagements and other pre-wedding functions including hen parties !

See below more information and showreels of some of the different types of entertainment that can be provided for Wedding events and also about dance lessons for Bride and Groom’s First Dance.

Weddings & Parties Types

Mehndi Nights & Sangeet Parties

Jay Kumar is a specialist entertainer for Mehndi Nights and Sangeet events with his unique Interactive dance act, whereby Jay involves guests in fun bollywood dance routines and livens up the whole event. He can also bring along his dance team, DanceAsia, to perform colourful and dynamic Bollywood dance routines and make the whole event even more spectacular.

Check out this showreel of Jay Kumar’s interactive dance entertainment.

Bride and Groom’s First Dance

Over the past 10 years, Jay Kumar has successfully taught numerous Couples their First Dance for their wedding. Many of the couples (or at least one of them) find this Dance to be one of the most stressful/frightening thing about the whole wedding.

Jay Kumar uses his vast experience and ability to make couples feel comfortable and confident about performing their first dance, teaching simple and effective dance steps to the song or songs of their choice. Jay can also edit and create the exact cut of music which can then be handed to the DJ.

Dance Performances at Wedding Events

Jay Kumar’s fabulously talented dancers from his Dance Troupe, DanceAsia, have performed and delighted guests at many Wedding functions (Pre-wedding functions as well as at Wedding Receptions). Added to Jay Kumar’s Interactive dance act, you have a fun complete  dance entertainment package with guests watching entertaining colourful Bollywood dance medleys and then being able to join in Jay’s fun bollywood dance routines.

Check out this showreel of DanceAsia and the different types of events they have performed at. The number of dancers varies to suit different budgets. Jay Kumar can tailor a package to suit your needs.

International Wedding Events


Jay Kumar has recently done International weddings …

Hen Parties !

If you are looking for a fun fun fun activity to do as part of your Hen Party then try Jay Kumar’s Interactive Bollywood Dance session. You can have upto 2 hours learning some fun dance moves or a specific Bollywood dance routine to be performed later.

Jay can also provide some bollywood outfits/bellychains and props to wear and use for those memorable photos you may wish to take. Bring along your camera if you wish to record a short performance of one of the dances just learnt, in colourful costumes !

Jay Kumar’s fun Interactive dance sessions he does at events for people of all ages and abilities to participate in