Carnival of Lights Parade in Wembley Park

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Carnival of Lights Parade in Wembley Park

Carnival of Lights Parade in Wembley Park

The spectacular Carnival of Lights Parade by Wembley Stadium on Saturday 28th October 2017 was the finale of Colors Festival and Free and Light at Wembley Park Complex, organised by the London Mela Team – Remarkable Productions and Nutkhut.

Jay Kumar was part of the team and was responsible for arranging the following elements of the Carnival Parade :-

  • The Bolly Brollies – a unique collaboration of Bollywood Dancers dancing in the parade carrying special LED Umbrellas from award winning company Cirque Bijou. Jay Kumar brought together 30 dancers to carry the special Umbrellas, comprising of members of his dance teams, DanceAsia, Jai Ho Dancers and students from his Northolt danceclass, plus a few friends to make up the numbers. Jay choreographed the routines to some top tunes selected from the recent Hayes Carnival parade during rehearsals leading upto the day of the parade. He had great support from members of the Jai Ho dancers, helping to coordinate music and costumes (in particular, Pat Fernandes and Nisha Patel).
  •  Jay had to find at 30 volunteers to take part in the Carnival and wear some colourful Carnival (Fire) costumes that were being provided by Mahogany Carnival Company. Jay put up some Facebook posts and asked a few groups and managed to find a mix of people, adults and children, to volunteer and even had to turn a few away as he was oversubscribed in the end.
  • Jay contacted Shardul Kulkarni of Maharashtran Mandal London who was part of a fabulous Maharashtran Drumming band called Dhol Beats UK and had performed at London Mela in 2016. They were asked to lead the parade and they provided approx 30 drummers create an awesome start for the parade.
  •  Jay also asked his friend Shine Krishna to bring a team of dancers in colourful traditional gujarati outfits to carry some large fabric umbrellas and dance along in the parade.
  • Finally, Jay provided 2 volunteers to ride some decorated bicycles with fairy lights provided by Nutkhut zipping through the different sections of the parade.

The parade also included some amazing lanterns carried by children – they  were made by the children attending specially arranged Lantern making workshops during the week and on the day.

There were other elements of the parade such as the music truck stage that had a performance by singing sensation Arjun followed by pumping carnival music by renowned DJ Donnie Brasco, and a Garuda Bird on wheels that had Bollywood music blaring out for the Bolly Brollies to do their routines and other artists on still and motorbikes.

The parade started outside Brent Civic centre in front of large crowds and did a circular route before passing Brent Civic Centre again and heading off toward the Walkway to Wembley Stadium. The climax was the parade finishing on the walkway and then the fantastic spectacular finale – Transe Express presents Mobile Homme featuring The Dhol Academy – which had some amazing drummers playing in the air while Dhol Academy played on the ground … an awesome sight !!

The Carnival of Lights Parade was a big big success with so many local people coming to watch and support the many people that took part in the parade. Look forward to see what will be done next year now ! ;0)

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